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Today I have bad news

Posted: February 15, 2012 in my injury

Today I found out I have a bulging disk in my lower back. I have idea how this happened maybe years of biking, my new sport of roller derby, or the hours I spend sitting at my desk answering emails and editing photos.

After a 3 hour trip to Lethbridges wonderful ER i was told keep doing what your doing and 90% of the time it will go away. The doctor did not diagnose my back injury at all. I looked into get a chiropractor to look at me. After a very painful drive to the Chiropractors office due to sitting is extremely painful. once I arrived after stretching and finding all pressure points. I now have a long road to recovery. I have a doctors appointment and going to request a MRI to hopefully see any and all damage to my back. Then I am trying out Body Talk. I hopefully can figure my back out before summer so I can ride bike.

My goal is to manage this pain with the least amount of drugs and try to strengthen my back more then it is. I would love to hear comments and what might have worked for you with similar injuries.