Photographers and Our Ego’s

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Rants
Now a days photographer’s are thinking of new ways to be different, Unique, and ground breaking. But at the end of the day some might have done something the same, same style, look, or just a bit different. At the end of the day its what WE do to sell our self to be different. We get inspired by other photographers, designers, nature, the human body, ect  to do something that me might have not thought about and try to recreate it in a way that we shoot and our style.
DROP your EGO, all photographers have one big or small, its just who we are. Our egos/personalities is what sells our work. Don’t go around puffing up your chest when you see other photographers come around because guess what they might know something you don’t. You might even learn a thing or 2 from someone else.
This has always been the way I have seen other photographers. I act humble and really just my self with a few walls up because trust is gained, and I talk to them and hopefully learn something, and hope they learn something from me.
All in All there is no MVP, Super Star, or #1 in the photographer world because when you turn around that corner there is some one that might do something different then you, that clients like more then what you are doing. It’s life. Why do you think there are some many clothing companies, Car dealers, Drinks, Computers, Cameras they all does the same thing just doing it in a different way.
Do what you do and keep the drama out of it Were all just taking/making Pictures. Just find the client that likes you and your work, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. If were all making a living then were doing something right, Right?
  1. Joanne says:

    It’s so true, and I couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

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